Sist’Art Gallery opened in June 2017 in San Marco Square in Venice, as is the commercial branch of the more conceptual 3D Gallery, opened in 2005 in Venice-Mestre.
The 3D Gallery is considered to be a research container, where the artists are invited to work based on projects along with chosen curators. The artists use different medias, from performances, to installations, new media, sculptures or paintings.
The Sist’Art gallery is predominantely commercial, keeping an eye to conceptual art and seeking new artists showcasing in the art scene. The choice of the artists is balanced between Modern Masters, in order to build a solid structore of our client’s asset, and emerging or established artists that represent the artistic sentitivity of the actuality.
The represented artists are both local and international. The choice is made looking at mainstreams, but making sure that every artist’s work is based on a solid concept. The best and most interesting collections are ecclectic, but through them you can read the evolution of art in history. The artists represented by the gallery use different languages and have different focus, but depending on the fair or exhibition, our curators create a thrilling dialogue between them.
Throughout the 12 years of activity the gallery organized more than 100 exhibitions in its premises and in public spaces; curated shows for museums in Paris, London and Berlin; organized 2 international art competitions in Venice; organized and curated exhibitions of Emirati artists in Venice during the Biennale; participated to several artfairs in Europe, Canada and Asia.

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