Sara Sist is a Fine Art Consultant and active helping clients in the art market since 1997.  She grew up between northern Italy and Switzerland she followed her parents to every auction house, museum, antiques shop, restorer’s atelier, printing workshop and glass workshop. Fascinated by the world rotating around useful and useless objects, all expressions of artistic minds and hands, she was most intrigued by the business on various levels that these objects were driving.

She began in Venice but is now London based and cooperates with galleries operating in Paris, London and Berlin. Her gallery in Venice, the 3D Gallery, promotes young and emerging artists and give her the vibe of their creativity: what she learned studying and observing the Old and the Modern Masters, is made tangible.

Sara has always believed in intrinsic values of beauty aesthetics and has incredible talent to turn shiny crystals into real diamonds of everlasting value, to transform iractionality into reality.

“Art is an investment. First for the soul, then for the value” she says…

“The gifts by the gods, by the muses or by incident,
if there were not art and artists
and the promoters and organizers of art events,
there would remain only “precious materials in a site without an architect” – L. Zappalà

Sara Sist understands the language of visual symbolism and will guide you through its working processes.

The art world and the art business have different rules than the consumer or luxury goods markets. An investor has a different approach to a collector, though both need a guide, direct or indirect. Today’s world is beeing shaped by globalizing economic forces and multiculturalism language, which provide the strongest communicational means for realizing practically every creative activity that leads towards material and spiritual well being.

Sara Sist guides you throug the working processes of the art world and creative industries and interlinks them with business prospects. To link the sensitive mechanics of the artworld with rules of art business requires true expertise.

Sara Sist used her connections to build a team of well-established curators, collectors, consultants and enterpreneurs whose expertise goes beyond national boundaries of both the antique and contentemporary art markets.

Whether you would like to be advised on “must see” exhibitions around the world or you own a collection that needs to preserve and increase its value, or you are just simply too busy to investigate its new potentials, Sara Sist will guide you on any of those matters. She gives a brief and detailed shortlist and guideline to the curious, but always very busy business people, on where to go, what to look for, what to talk about and what to purchasse to fit into your collection.

Like a ray of light through a diamond, Sara Sist will provide you from a specific requested and dedicated service to a rainbow of colourfull niche information.

The prosperity of tomorrow lies in who continues to explore through creativity the moment of today. Being an artist, being a collector, being a promoter or being simply an art lover: everyone is responsible for prosperity.