http://jessicaconoley.com/tag/essay/ Elio Ciol was born in 1929 in Italy, after having worked in different cities in Europe he now lives and works in Italy.
Ciol’s photographs are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The International Museum of Photography, Rochester, New York; Centre for Creative Photography Tucson, Arizona; Humanities Research Centre, University of Texas, Austin; The Art Museum, Princeton University, New Jersey; Centre Canadian d’Architecture, Montreal Canada; The Art Institute of Chicago; The University College of Wales, Aberystwyth; Victoria & Albert Museum, Londra; Musèe de la Photographie, Charleroi; Civici Musei e Gallerie di Storia e Arte, Udine; Galleria di Arte Contemporanea Pro Civitate Christiana, Assisi; Elio Ciol has shown his photos in 102 individual exhibitions, which have been critically acclaimed, and in another 112 group exhibitions. Ciol’s photos have also illustrated more than 190 books.
He is without doubt one of the great Italian masters of landscape photography and he is known not only for the perfect quality of the technique and the print, but also for some special lyricism of the subject chosen and for the poetic imagination it evokes. His images take us to another temporal rhythm but not to another time. His landscapes are full of controversy; they are calm but in the same way enigmatic; sharp and equilibrated but his black and white are also full of fog. These images invite us to go beyond appearances, reminding us of how things have different consistency and how, according to different points of view, it can change because his landscapes really change. Through perception the photographer reads and interprets all the surrounds him ; he shares his knowledge and shares the world he lives in. And even thought the images reflect the reality, it is Ciol’s expression of his philosophy through photography.