neurontin 500 mg Jisbar is an artist, born in 1989 and working in Paris for over 10 years.
His art deals with pop culture references, using the language and the power of the street art.
His works are now exposed at the National museum of immigration history in Paris, the Museum of modern art in Sweden, the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, California, and the Museum of Manart Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi.
His creations update our saturated society with media and pop references, which he takes and interprets with his own universe. Fashion, music, skateboard, a freestyle mind and other expressions found in the streets are the elements which build his style.
Jisbar likes to say that each of his works represent « moments of life », like a memory which are made forever in a photo album. This nostalgia of a past time and the innocence of his childhood are frozen in his paintings, where the power of the colours play the overriding part. This sincerity pushes the spectator to concentrate on every single detail in order to understand the entirely of its meaning.
Jisbar is an artist who paints impulsively and applies himself to demonstrate that creative spontaneity. This allows him to create stories who animates his daily life and look that he wears on our society while keeping its authenticity.