Rachel Bergeret was born in 1975 near Grenoble.
Attracted by the world of Fashion and by the artistic creation, she began her career as a fashion designer first, and then move on to the visual arts.  She collaborates for 12 years for many collections entirely embroidered, going to India every season to take over the creation. Since 2011 she has chosen painting as a professional activity and so she started approaching different artistic techniques.  In her work there is an undoubted touch of couture: the silhouettes are tapered and the contamination of materials is unusual. Each of her collections is a pyrotechnic show of inventiveness, imbued with the visual experience of his travels in India, with the avant-garde trendism and with his love for the burlesque. The artist faces with lightness and derision the issue of the woman who is asked about her role in the society. Her painting, in the following artistic developments, becomes sculpture. Strengthened by her career as a fashion stylist, the artist shapes the drapes of her heroines that now emerge from the support.
This volumetric painting, adorned with golf leaf, collages and other materials, allows the artwork to physically come looking for the spectator.